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Bitcoin Mining

For the builders

Galaxy offers a financial service platform for bitcoin innovators and mining companies.

Mining is the foundation of the network

We guide builders toward the best financing solutions for their positions and provide access to novel and sophisticated tools to help them scale.

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Galaxy Mines Bitcoin

Our hands-on technical expertise allows for operational excellence. Because we actively participate in the network, we have a first principle approach to creating best-in-class products.
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Miner Finance (MiFi)

Our full-service platform connects bitcoin miners to trading, hedging, and financing in one integrated package for clients. We meet you where you are, guiding you to the best financing solution for your position.

Research & Education

Together with Galaxy's research team, we inform, untangle, and guide others as we go. We are engrained in the ecosystem and committed to demystifying complexity for our investors, partners, peers, and newcomers to the space.
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Why Galaxy?

We’re at the nexus of traditional finance and Bitcoin infrastructure. Our depth of expertise across real-asset financing, energy markets, non-traditional securitization, structured products, and investment banking—coupled with a passion for bitcoin— makes us an essential partner for navigating the future.

2022 Mid-Year Bitcoin Mining Update

August 25, 2022

Examining The Current State Of The Bitcoin Mining Industry