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Blockchain Infrastructure

Galaxy serves as a thoughtful partner to protocols, founders, dApps, builders, and service providers, helping to bring the world on-chain.

What we do



Oracle Data

Bringing the world on-chain

Leverage the resources of a global, crypto-native services platform. Our blockchain infrastructure team operates multiple validator nodes and data oracles on a wide range of protocols. We combine our core blockchain infrastructure services with the breadth and diversification of Galaxy’s business to provide an unmatched experience.

Supported Protocols as of May 2024


The Galaxy Edge

Financial products

Use staked assets as collateral when you partner with Galaxy’s lending, derivatives, and over-the-counter trading desks.

Secure Staking Infrastructure.

Galaxy’s staking infrastructure combines bare metal and cloud instances, utilizing distributed Tier 3 data centers for enhanced security and reliability. Annual penetration testing is conducted by industry leaders, while standard role-based access control policies are enforced at SOC 2 compliant facilities for physical security.

The system includes software development life cycle and regular code review processes, secure key generation with air-gapped equipment, physical mnemonic storage, and encrypted keys in both on-premises and remote vaults. A 24/7 engineering and security team is available to address technical issues promptly.

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