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About Galaxy

A center of gravity

Galaxy is a digital asset and blockchain pioneer helping the world invest in economic progress. We believe crypto innovations will permeate and improve all aspects of our global economy.

Galaxy is built to bring your world on-chain.

At Galaxy, we’re systems thinkers, connecting financial expertise with technological sophistication, institutions with web3 innovations, and Silicon Valley agility with Wall Street savvy.

We are an essential partner to creators and companies in a changing economy. As an industry leader, we deliver an unmatched breadth of solutions.

At a glance


Complementary operating business: Global Markets, Asset Management, and Digital Infrastructure Solutions.


Assets under management as of April 30, 2023 across active and passive investment strategies.


Institutional trading counterparties, with 100+ unique crypto assets supported.


Category-defining portfolio companies spanning the cryptoeconomy.

Global Markets

Institutional-grade access to the digital asset ecosystem, including trading, derivatives and structured products; financing; and capital markets advisory services.

Asset Management

A global asset management platform offering a suite of institutional-grade investment vehicles that span active, passive, and venture strategies.

Digital Infrastructure Solutions

Foundational technology solutions, building and investing in technology that powers the digital assets ecosystem, with a focus on scalability and security.



Demystify Complexity

Combine Strengths

Innovate Responsibly

Earn Trust

Together we’re on a mission to engineer a new economic paradigm. Our vision is a society where value and ownership flow as freely as information.
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Michael Novogratz

Founder and CEO

Galaxy untangles, informs, and guides others as we go

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Galaxy Brains

Galaxy Brains is a weekly podcast providing insights and analysis on trends and events taking place across the cryptocurrency ecosystem.



A best-in-class research engine, designed to provide investment insights and thematic views across Galaxy and its partners.

Origin Story

Forming Galaxy

In 2013 Mike Novogratz’s crypto journey started. In 2018, he launched Galaxy with a simple idea: Bring institutions into the blockchain revolution.



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New York City · Chicago · Jersey City · London · Amsterdam · Tokyo · Hong Kong

Headquartered in New York City

Innovating across the globe

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