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A masterclass for investors

Digital Assets Academy

Understand digital assets, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, their importance for the future of finance, and their integration into modern investment portfolios.

Digital Asset Academy - 4


Expert Insights

Learn from Galaxy’s thought leaders and industry experts at the forefront of digital asset innovation


Foundational Knowledge

Gain an understanding of digital assets, their categories, and their integration into investor portfolios


Interactive Learning

Engage with weekly video lectures, curated resources and quizes that facilitate hands-on learning

8 Key Topics

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Introducing the basics: What are Digital Assets?

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A closer look at Bitcoin: What is it and why does it matter?

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A closer look at Ethereum: How does it differ from Bitcoin?

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Digital Assets in an Investor Portfolio: How can we use them?

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Tokenized Money: A closer look at Stablecoins

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What is Decentralization and why is it key to Digital Assets?

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Tokenized Assets: A closer look at DeFi, Tokenization, and NFTs

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Addressing common misconceptions of Bitcoin

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Enroll to the Digital Assets Academy website for video lectures, key takeaways, resources, and interactive knowledge checks on all 8 topics. We hope you will join us in this informative course.