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Galaxy Ventures

Capital for a new economic paradigm

Our portfolio of stage-agnostic investments spans protocols, scaling solutions, DeFi, and web3 infrastructure.

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This is a sample of our investments, some of which have been harvested. For informational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice.

Venture Platform Team Case Study

Platform Case Study: Chaos Labs’ Communications & Press

Galaxy’s Venture Platform team helps its portfolio companies grow from zero to one by offering hands-on support across product, design, marketing, and communications.

Distribution of MEV Surplus

Who captures MEV? Who should capture MEV?

Exploring MEV on EigenLayer

Exploring MEV on EigenLayer, and the potential impact that EigenLayer node operators could one day have on Ethereum, as well as the protocols and applications built on top of Ethereum.

Design Exploration: Cross-Chain Asset Fragmentation

Crypto design systems are underexplored, early stage and often lack proper guidelines. Due to the fast paced environment, edge cases often face design challenges without clear solutions.

Crypto Beyond 2023

An examination of six emerging trends that influence Galaxy’s Venture investment thesis and shape the future of crypto.

Platform Case Study: Hyperlane’s Brand and Identity

How Galaxy Ventures’ Platform Team created Hyperlane’s visual identity, positioning, and executed their seed funding press announcement.

Principle Investments 3

Catalyzing Crypto’s Cutting Edge

We believe the next generation of the Internet will incorporate a permissionless financial layer, providing people with autonomous access to economic and communal opportunities.


Crypto-Native Team

Work with a multi-disciplinary team comprised of crypto-natives and experienced investors.


Platform Access

Benefit from Galaxy’s full suite of services spanning our global crypto business operations.


Market Intelligence

Tap into our deep network of operators with expertise in every pocket of the industry.