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Bringing your world on-chain.

Our technology helps lay the foundation for a new paradigm, where tech and finance work as one.

Bitcoin Mining

Galaxy mines bitcoin, offers hosting, and miner financing solutions. Our hands-on technical expertise enables us to create best-in-class products.

GK8 Custody

An enterprise-grade custody platform that enables financial institutions to drive new revenue streams over their digital assets with 100% protection from cyber attacks

Validator Solutions

Galaxy serves as a thoughtful partner to protocols, founders, dApps, builders, and service providers, helping to bring the world on-chain.

FEBRUARY 23, 2023

Galaxy Completes Acquisition of Leading Institutional Custody Platform GK8

DECEMBER 28, 2022

Galaxy To Acquire Helios Bitcoin Mining Facility From Argo Blockchain


Digital Infrastructure Solutions

Galaxy Digital Infrastructure Solutions builds and invests in technology that powers the digital asset ecosystem, with a focus on scalability and security. We are an industry leader in proprietary Bitcoin mining and hosting services, critical network validator services, and the development of enterprise-grade custodial technology.