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Don’t just trust. Verify.

Until the crypto industry is fully decentralized, demand transparency and credibility. As a public company, we welcome you to explore our governance, operational and risk controls as we build infrastructure for the long term.

Promoting the responsible institutional adoption of digital assets since 2018.

Investor Relations

At Galaxy, transparency and disclosure are fundamental to our business. We strive to ensure that our shareholders, investors, clients, and employees can rely on us to operate in a responsible and ethical manner. We regularly make public, extensive information about our operations and financial performance under the oversight of our Board of Directors and Audit Committee.

TSX-Listed Company

Galaxy has been a publicly traded company since 2018, subject to Canadian regulatory reporting rules and more than two dozen U.S. and international regulators, including the SEC, FINRA, and the CFTC. We regularly provide financial information, and host quarterly earnings calls to discuss Galaxy’s activities and financial results.

Board of Directors

Galaxy is led by a diverse, knowledgeable, and experienced Board of Directors with deep expertise in capital markets, asset management, digital assets, investing, ESG, and technology. We consider a wide variety of skills, professional experience, and diverse backgrounds and perspectives as critical components to strong leadership.
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Sustainability Program

Galaxy is committed to developing this new frontier in a sustainable manner that prioritizes the issues that matter most to our business and stakeholders. Board-level oversight is fully staffed with top level senior executives across Galaxy, showcasing leadership’s commitment to advancing ESG initiatives.

Institutional grade

Asset Management

Asset Management is one of our five business lines, ring-fenced both physically and legally from Galaxy’s other business operations.

No exchange risk

In our Asset Management business, our passive and liquid active funds do not trade on exchanges. Rather, they access liquidity through premier, OTC trading counterparties. None of our Asset Management funds borrow, lend, or use leverage in any capacity.

Qualified custody

Qualified third-party custodians maintain and safeguard our Asset Management client assets one-to-one in cold storage with insurance protection. Where possible, we implement a multi-custodial model.

Vetted service providers

We perform initial and ongoing diligence regarding operational risks, quality of service, suitability, financial stability, and reputational standing.

Independent fund administrators

All our Asset Management funds have unaffiliated fund administrators who maintain full books and records.

Counterparty of choice

Galaxy Trading

Galaxy’s trading arm is a separate, distinct business that provides spot, derivative, and financing liquidity to institutional investors that transact in digital assets.

Principal Liquidity Provider

Galaxy does not offer trading services to retail counterparties, nor does it operate a cryptocurrency exchange or qualified custodian business that accepts customer deposits of digital assets. Galaxy’s trading division faces only eligible contract participants, entering into all transactions on a principal-to-principal basis.

Lending and Borrowing

Galaxy’s lending business is conducted exclusively on a principal-to-principal basis and doesn’t face retail investor clients in such transactions. All Galaxy lending and borrowing counterparties are Eligible Contract Participants, as defined by the Commodities Exchange Act.

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Risk Management

Galaxy is committed to managing and mitigating risk. We approach risk management as an essential business process that is integrated throughout our company. We conduct mandatory annual Compliance, Anti-Money Laundering, Know Your Customer, Market Manipulation, and Cybersecurity training for all employees.

Mitigating information security risks in a constantly evolving environment is fundamental to our ability to run our business and serve our clients. We utilize advanced technology and employ a comprehensive risk-based information security program aligned to best-practice industry security and compliance frameworks. Our disciplined approach to risk management positions us to continue to grow our business and create value for our shareholders and stakeholders.

At Galaxy, we’ve always prioritized transparency, giving institutional investors comfort as they’re navigating the space in a safe and trusted manner.
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Mike Novogratz

Founder and CEO