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Unlock the value of unique real-world assets.

Galaxy tokenizes the 1708 Stradivarius violin owned by Yat Siu, Co-founder/Executive Chairman Animoca Brands.

Why tokenize a Stradivarius?



& Seamless Value Transfer

The conversion of real world assets (RWAs) into digital tokens, can enhance liquidity significantly and provide a pathway for owners to utilize RWAs in the financial realm.



& Improved Record Keeping

High-value assets are often tied to a trustable ledger and provable record of ownership. Blockchain-technology can represent a reliable solution to the problem.


New Possibilities

For Collectibles On-Chain

Blockchain technology can merge the physical art world with the digital world, opening up new possibilities — from trading to lending, from asset management to fractional ownership of RWAs.
Antonio Stradivari

The Master

Antonio Stradivari

Antonio Stradivari is almost universally regarded as the greatest violin maker in history, and the value of his instruments reflects that exalted status.

He was born in circa 1644 and his 71 year career is a vivid account of early mastery, ingenious innovation, and indelible craftsmanship. The pinnacle of his career is known as the Golden Period and lasted roughly from 1700 to 1720.

Stradivari's Legacy

The "Empress Caterina"

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Discover the exquisite beauty and remarkable history of the 1708 Stradivarius violin, a treasure of the classical music world. Crafted during Antonio Stradivari's golden period, this violin represents the pinnacle of stringed instrument craftsmanship. Stradivari is revered for his unparalleled ability to combine form, function, and aesthetics, and the violin is a shining example of his mastery.

In an effort to preserve this rare piece of his history and unlock its value, Galaxy has tokenized the Stradivarius using the Ethereum blockchain.

The 1708 Empress Caterina Stradivarius violin is the first instrument of such storied origin to undergo tokenization. I am thrilled to help trailblaze this new economic model for unique assets while also preserving a precious piece of history.
Yat Siu

Yat Siu

Co-founder & Executive Chairman Animoca Brands

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Collateralize RWAs

Galaxy is changing the way assets like priceless art, real estate, historical artifacts, and other real-world assets are perceived and utilized in the financial realm. This process enables the conversion of physical assets into digital tokens, significantly enhancing liquidity and providing a pathway for owners to realize the economic value of their holdings.

If you have high value, real world assets (RWAs) you would like to tokenize, lend against, or trade on-chain, get in touch with Galaxy’s Tokenization and Global Markets teams.