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Institutional Access

Galaxy offers institutional-grade expertise and access to a broad range of digital asset products, including digital asset trading, derivatives, structured products, financing, capital markets, and M&A advisory services.


Global, 24/7, high-touch over-the-counter, and electronic trading coverage.

Investment Banking

Access the full spectrum of financial advisory services across crypto, web3, and blockchain technology.


Price and trade vanilla options, futures, forwards, swaps and other bespoke solutions across a range of underlying assets, in cash or physically settled.

Lending and Borrowing

Leverage digital assets in a secure manner with a regulated lending institution and white-glove support.

Don’t just trust. Verify.

As a public company, Galaxy is promoting the responsible institutional adoption of digital assets and blockchain technology since 2018.

JULY 07, 2023

Galaxy Solstice: Bringing together leaders and innovators

MAY 15, 2023

Galaxy Trades First Fully Blockchain-Settled OTC Option

MARCH 21, 2022

Galaxy Facilitates Goldman’s First OTC Crypto Options Trade


Galaxy Global Markets

Our one-stop-shop brings industry-leading security and compliance to every solution—from helping counterparties trade safely and efficiently to providing holistic advice to companies at the forefront of blockchain innovation.