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Platform Team Case Study: Hyperlane


How Galaxy's Venture Platform Team created Hyperlane’s visual identity, positioning, and executed their seed funding press announcement.  

“The Galaxy platform team has done great work for us, whether it was design and brand work when we were just getting started, or helping us craft important press releases. We're incredibly grateful to the platform team for all they've done for us.” - Jon Kol, Hyperlane Co-Founder   

Galaxy’s Venture arm has a dedicated Platform Team, offering hands-on design, communications, and marketing support. They work directly with portfolio companies' core teams to execute projects that create and scale the company's brand story experience in a clean and compelling fashion. 

Getting Started

Hyperlane is a modular interoperability protocol that Galaxy invested in at the seed stage. Hyperlane’s original name was Abacus and they no brand guidelines, established story, or press coverage.  


When the Platform Team set out to work with Abacus as they were known at the time, the company was in the midst of changing their name to Hyperlane. Lukas Kmoth, the Platform Team’s designer, led a branding workshop creating Hyperlane’s logo, typeface, and color scheme that all reflected the core ethos of the company: strength, speed, and simplicity. These brand guidelines are reflected on Hyperlane’s website today.  


Operating in tandem with creating the visual identity, the Platform Team set out to build Hyperlane’s story identity and positioning as they prepared to make their first press announcement - their seed funding. CJ Huntzinger, who leads Communications and Marketing on the Platform Team, worked with Hyperlane to craft and refine the press release for this media announcement, with lead investor Variant also contributing to the story framing and outreach. From drafting the press release, to refining the story, strategizing outreach timing and contacting media targets, the announcement culminated in Hyperlane’s $17.5M seed round being covered in Fortune, CoinDesk, The Block, and Yahoo. The announcement was strategically timed to go live on the morning that Jon Kol, Hyperlane Co-Founder, was on a mainstage panel at Messari Mainnet enabling him to announce the funding on stage as well.