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Platform Case Study: Chaos Labs' Communications & Press

Chaos Labs Venture Platform - Galaxy Case Study

Galaxy’s Venture Platform team helps its portfolio companies grow from zero to one by offering hands-on support across product, design, marketing, and communications. 

To read the full Chaos Labs case study, click here.


In this case study, we explore our work with Chaos Labs, the first automated economic security system for crypto protocols. Chaos Labs ensures that a protocol is safe against volatile market events and market manipulation attacks by conducting millions of real-world simulations of potential market environments. These simulations cover liquidation cascades, depegs, and more black swan events to ensure the protocol operates and stabilizes as designed. Chaos Labs’ clients include major DeFi protocols such as Aave, Benqi, dydx, Uniswap, GMX, and Chainlink. 

  • "The Galaxy Venture Platform team is exceptional! Their guidance has been invaluable in shaping our marketing strategy, breaking it down into actionable steps, and connecting us with key partners to execute it successfully. Their contribution was pivotal in redesigning our messaging and website, which has resulted in a significant increase in our inbound traffic and overall business growth. I cannot speak highly enough of this team and would wholeheartedly recommend Galaxy to founders looking to enhance their business's success through more than just capital. Thank you, Galaxy.” - Omer Goldberg, CEO & Founder of Chaos Labs 

Project Goal 

Our goal was to create a new brand story, content strategy, website experience, and press strategy leading up Chaos Labs' seed funding announcement, a pivotal moment for every startup. We worked closely with Chaos Labs' founding executive team to craft a compelling narrative foundation that would resonate with their target audience and press to successfully announce their seed funding. 

Project Results 

At the end of the project, Chaos Labs’ seed funding was covered in a Fortune feature story, with follow-on coverage by CoinDesk, The Block, CoinTelegraph, and more. The media exposure significantly enhanced Chaos Labs' brand awareness and credibility within the crypto community. The new Chaos Labs story foundation we developed was integrated across the company’s mediums and strategies including press, content, and the new website that we designed a wireframe for. The accompanying content campaign helped amplify the news with media outlets, investors, and industry opinion leaders organically sharing the news on their Twitter pages. 


This case study underscores the vital role that strong storytelling foundation, strategy, and execution play in the success of startups. The ability to integrate a compelling brand story with the product experience enables startups to deliver a comprehensive and memorable brand experience to their customers and prospects. By partnering with Galaxy's Venture Platform team, Chaos Labs was able to effectively communicate their unique value proposition and secure the attention and support of key stakeholders in the crypto industry. In addition to the Communications & Marketing work outlined in this case study, Galaxy’s Venture arm also provides portfolio companies with access to other Galaxy teams to support product feedback, roadmapping, team building, and more.

Chaos Labs has also worked directly with Galaxy’s onchain risk and trading teams for product testing, roadmapping, tool specs, process development, and more. 

  • “CJ and Galaxy’s Venture Platform team were so incredibly impactful and helpful throughout this process. I had never even dabbled in marketing, and they really guided me and the team throughout the whole process. The end result is incredible. We were able to communicate our story and mission and reached all the relevant outlets.” - Omer Goldberg, CEO & Founder of Chaos Labs 

 To read the full Chaos Labs case study, click here.