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Lending and Structured Products

Leverage digital assets in a secure manner with a regulated lending institution and white-glove support.


Margin Lending

Collateralized financing solutions secured by digital asset or fiat holdings and tailored to counterparty needs.


Revolving Credit Facilities

Credit facilities typically secured by digital assets that allow borrowers to pull capital as needed with guaranteed capacity and a high degree of customization.


Collar Loans

Structured product pairing a loan with a derivative risk management solution. Allows for flexible non-recourse financing, competitive interest rates, and no margin calls.


Miner Financing

In partnership with Galaxy Mining, Galaxy Lending provides customized debt capital financing for bitcoin miners, typically secured by miner treasuries as well as ASIC equipment.


Trust & Fund Financing

Providing liquidity against restricted and unrestricted trust/fund collateral.


Specialty Lending

Customized specialty lending capabilities for strategic counterparties.

Bespoke Lending at Scale

Galaxy provides customized wholesale lending solutions for qualifying institutions, accredited individuals, and corporations.

24/7 Coverage

The Galaxy Lending team offers around-the-clock coverage, steadily supporting counterparties through crypto’s volatile markets.

Flexible Structuring

We provide counterparties preferred collateral types, pricing, product structuring, and loan tenors.

Experienced Team

Best-in-class team with a breadth of expertise in digital assets, custom credit, risk management, and structured products.

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