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We collaborate with bold visionaries. Galaxy is uniquely positioned to help web3 projects grow and tap into traditional finance when ready.

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Galaxy is a trusted partner to the creators and companies shaping our changing economy. As a global crypto and blockchain leader, we can help you confidently navigate this new frontier.

Venture Galaxy

Galaxy Ventures

We make stage-agnostic investments spanning protocols, scaling solutions, DeFi, and web3 infrastructure.
Galaxy Interactive Web3

Galaxy Interactive

We invest in interactive media companies across content, social, technology, and finance.


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This is a sample of our investments, some of which have been harvested. For informational purposes only and should not be considered investment advice.

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Galaxy Interactive — your guide to the future of the internet

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Galaxy Interactive, a division of Galaxy, is a stage-agnostic VC franchise focused on investing in companies operating at the intersection of content, finance, and technology.

Led by General Partners Sam Englebardt and Richard Kim, Galaxy Interactive was established in 2018 to fill a gap in funding available to companies in the interactive sector.

Bold visionaries our Interactive team has worked with:

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  • mythical, galaxy interactive, galaxy ventures, investing

This is a sample of our investments. Companies/Logos represented above are Galaxy Interactive investments with a cost basis of $5m or greater; for full list of investments, please visit

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Galaxy is a center of gravity for the web3 community. We provide a full spectrum of capital investments, financial advisory services, investment banking services, and customized solutions for innovative companies across the crypto ecosystem.