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Galaxy Solstice 2023

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Last month, Galaxy brought together over 80 thought leaders across traditional finance and digital assets at our New York headquarters for our inaugural Galaxy Solstice summit. Over the course of the day, attendees from BlackRock, Apollo, Point72, Invesco, DWS, CoinFund, Marathon, Republic, and Castle Island Ventures, among others, shared insights into how digital assets and blockchain technology are transforming the global financial system. 

Conviction in digital assets and the pivotal role blockchain technology will play in finance and beyond was on full display. Through a series of debates, participants engaged in lively discussions around tokenizing real-world assets and what’s still needed to bring the world on chain, the state of bitcoin mining, custody of digital assets, the future of gaming and Web3, and the evolution of crypto’s market structure beyond just CeFi and DeFi. 

Attendees also got to hear Galaxy CEO Mike Novogratz’s latest view of the macro landscape and the impact it’s having on digital assets. Lastly, attendees converged on the issue of regulation in the U.S. and beyond. While the regulatory landscape remains challenging and uneven, attendees agreed on the need for thoughtful rules that protect consumers and investors while promoting innovation through blockchain-enabled services and solutions. 

For pictures of Galaxy Solstice, see below. To read one attendee’s takeaway from the event, click here.

Galaxy Solstice is an annual invite-only event hosted by Galaxy, a digital asset and blockchain leader providing access to the growing digital economy. Our goal is to bring together leaders and innovators who are helping to create a new global financial system built on blockchain technology to eliminate barriers to entry. For more information on Galaxy Solstice, contact [email protected].

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