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Watch This Space 2023

Watch this Space 2023
In a new report written by Galaxy's Research Team, discover 10 essential topics including what’s next for Bitcoin and Ethereum, what to watch in DeFi and Web3, the regulatory landscape, and more. The report is packed with 25+ charts and graphs and 30+ key facts on macro crypto trends and developments.
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  1. Bitcoin: The recent global banking crisis puts the focus back on Bitcoin.

  2. Ethereum: Becoming the “world computer” able to support decentralized applications.

  3. DeFi: Lending and trading innovations drive adoption and the on-chain experience.

  4. Stablecoins: Extending the dollar's reach around the world.

  5. Venture Investing: Funds raised, capital deployed—driving innovation in a bear market.

  6. Bitcoin Mining: The heartbeat of the world's leading decentralized money.

  7. Regulation: US regulatory environment gets more challenging while world opens up.

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