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Watch This Space 2024

Watch This Space 2024 - Galaxy Research

In 2023, Bitcoin remarkably defied the industry turmoil, triggered by FTX's collapse and ensuing regulatory challenges, to emerge as one of the best-performing assets globally. Despite a decline in venture investments and a fraught U.S. regulatory landscape, innovations in crypto technology and AI have shown significant promise.  

As we look to 2024, a pivotal year with a Bitcoin halving and U.S. presidential election, we anticipate significant developments in market access vehicles, layer 1 and 2 technologies, and a resurgence in venture capital. However, challenges remain, particularly in the U.S., where regulatory pressures threaten DeFi's viability. In contrast, Europe shows a more encouraging regulatory approach.  

Galaxy Research’s Watch This Space report delves into these dynamics, offering predictions and insights for the consequential year ahead for the crypto industry.

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Highlights from Watch This Space include: 

  • Exploring The Bitcoin ETF Market Opportunity 

  • Assessing Ethereum's Proof-of-Stake Model 

  • Evaluating Solana’s Resurgence and Growth 

  • Investigating DeFi, RWAs, and Tokenization 

  • Unpacking the Integration of Crypto and AI 

...and much more! 

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