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Robust validator infrastructure

Galaxy serves as a thoughtful partner to protocols, founders, dApps, builders, and service providers, helping to bring the world on-chain.

Let’s bring the world on chain

Our Capabilities


Infrastructure and Validation

Building infrastructure to support the integrity of various protocols and ecosystem projects.


Liquidity Services

Helping drive breadth and depth of token liquidity across CeFi and DeFi venues.


Treasury Management

Risk management, liquidity, and yield-enhancement strategies for founders, foundations, and crypto-natives.


Special Initiatives

Exploring bespoke partnerships that span multiple Galaxy business lines.

We are providing financial tools and strategic infrastructure to our counterparties, with the goal of helping creators focus on what matters most: building and growing their projects.
Zane Glauber, Head of Strategic Opportunities, galaxy trading, galaxy digital, galaxy

Zane Glauber

Head of Strategic Opportunities

The Galaxy Edge

Seamless. Secure.

We prioritize security and robust risk management above all. Galaxy is building enterprise-grade infrastructure and validator solutions. Our partners benefit from our engineering and protocol expertise.


Structured Solutions

We offer best-in-class risk management and liquidity solutions to help counterparties better shield their businesses against financial and economic risks.


Product Scope and Scale

We help our crypto counterparties bring their projects to the next level, leveraging our global footprint to provide liquidity, infrastructure, and custodial support.


Galaxy Thought Leadership

We have extensive experience in traditional and crypto markets which allows us to develop customized, thoughtful, and holistic solutions to the industry.