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Is the Election the Next Big Catalyst for Crypto?

In this week’s Trading Take, Alex Thorn and Beimnet Abebe unpack a series of crucial economic indicators suggesting significant market landscape shifts. They discuss recent faltering ISM services data indicating a contraction in the U.S. services sector, which historically heralds broader economic slowdowns. With bond yields rallying and the dollar's value dipping, they explore the potential implications for fixed-income markets and the wider financial scene. Additionally, Alex and Beimnet dive into the ripple effects of the upcoming U.S. presidential election on market stability, examining the ‘Trump trade’ and its potential impact on sectors like crypto, equities, and fixed-income securities. Alex also talks with Jason Urban, Head of Trading at Galaxy, about market developments, the maturation of the crypto industry, and what Galaxy would be like if commodities were still exchanged in the Chicago trading pits. Listen to the full episode here.