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Podcast • October 28, 2021

EP 27 - Mark Cuban | Crypto and the Creator Economy

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This week’s episode of Next with Novo features Mark Cuban, an American entrepreneur, TV personality, philanthropist, and investor.

Mark’s curiosity and knack for business lead him towards plenty of exciting ventures, from starring on Shark Tank to owning the Dallas Mavericks. Taking us back to the beginning, Mark shares how he stumbled into the idea of local area networking back in the 80s, all the way up to selling to Yahoo! Inc. in 1999. According to Mark, today’s crypto community closely resembles the “gold rush” felt in 1999. Now, he predicts it’s all going to boil down to applications, implications, and integrations. A day of reckoning will come, and we both agree that utility will win in the long run.

As a philanthropist, Mark also reflected on the play-to-earn model that crypto follows and the potential to create a similar ecosystem within philanthropy. Coming from someone who's always been in the middle of the creator economy, this episode is a great look at the past, present, and future of innovation.

This conversation took place on Fireside, Mark's new interactive audio platform.

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This podcast was recorded on October 12, 2021.

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