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Podcast • May 27, 2022

Seth Green's stolen Board Ape, NFT IP, 7 block reorg on Ethereum, and Optimism removes 17,000 addresses

In this episode

Welcome to episode 11 of Galaxy Brains, a weekly podcast providing insights and analysis on trends and events taking place across the cryptocurrency ecosystem, hosted by Alex Thorn, Head of Research at Galaxy Digital.

This week, Alex is joined by Christine Kim, Charles Yu, Sal Qadir, Beimnet Abebe, and special guest from Galaxy Digital Legal, Michael Marcantonio. As always, Beimnet Abebe kicks the episode off with some market commentary, then the team talks about Ethereum’s Beacon Chain seven-block reorganization, and how Optimism cracked down on airdrop farmers, removing 17,000 addresses. Lastly, Michael Marcantonio is on to discuss Seth Green's stolen Board Ape and the commercial use rights and intellectual property in the NFT space.

This episode was recorded on Wednesday, May 25, 2022.


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