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Backing Parsec to Make DeFi Transparent Block by Block

Backing Parsec to Make DeFi Transparent Block by Block - Galaxy Ventures

Parsec is a deep onchain analytics platform translating the complexity of DeFi into actionable insights. Parsec’s real time data ingestion, bespoke visualizations, and modular dashboards provide institutions, investors, and the broader crypto ecosystem with the tools and data needed to make informed decisions onchain.  

Finding Verifiable Signal Within DeFi  

The decline of centralized crypto operators in 2022 eroded trust in the crypto industry, underscoring the critical importance of auditable and transparent financial systems. This brought a resurgence of interest to DeFi from institutional players and individuals as transparency, auditability, and verifiability are inherent to DeFi’s foundation and financial rails.

Within DeFi, positions, transactions, and relationships are publicly accessible. However, effectively translating DeFi's raw data into valuable and actionable insights has complex challenges. For example, numerous DeFi metrics often suffer from inaccuracies due to double counting or flawed accounting methods, rendering them mostly superficial. The development of accessible markets and financial infrastructure is reliant on transforming DeFi data into practical information that can be utilized for trading, risk management/monitoring, trading, and more. 

Sample Parsec dashboard layout - diagram

Parsec’s DeFi Data Differentiation 

Parsec has been a favorite DeFi data tool among investors, traders, and institutions since its founding in 2021. The company’s clients have included institutions like Galaxy, Cumberland, Uniswap, Polychain, Mechanism Capital, and traders like Arthur Hayes and others.

Today, Parsec launched its cutting-edge Institutional product, which aims to provide institutions with an unparalleled data trove and help identify undiscovered opportunities. It also finally unveiled public access to its high-powered API and announced $4M in funding. We believe these milestones are pivotal to Parsec’s path to revolutionizing on-chain markets by making DeFi transparent block by block.  

Parsec’s approach to data is unique. Parsec provides:

  • Speed & Customization: Offers users more than 110+ real-time and customizable data modules that are ingested, processed, and displayed at block-finality. 

  • Risk Management: Reviews on-chain relationships, transactions, and trade history of counterparties, helping investors and market participants manage and monitor on-chain risk. 

  • Uniquely Robust Datasets: 

    • DeFi Lending Data: Rates, position monitoring, and liquidation levels. 

    • Liquid Staking Token Data: Queue levels for entering/exiting validators and LST yields. 

    • Concentrated Liquidity: Liquidity depth and position monitoring. 

    • Arbitrary Smart Contract Data: No code UI to analyze a smart contract in seconds and create a high quality visual. 

  • Market Comprehension: Modular data dashboards enables users to gain a comprehensive understanding of the DeFi market suited to their specific needs. For example, the stETH market can be observed comprehensively, encompassing insights into the health, movements, and activity of both stETH and ETH. By seamlessly integrating multiple Parsec components into a single view, users can monitor all relevant information in real-time. 

  • NFT Firehose: Through the firehose, NFT power users can trade and operate on a block-by-block basis, enabling quicker and more informed decision-making for enhanced outcomes. 

  • Supports Eight Blockchains: Ingests data from Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Base, zkSync, Avalanche, Canto, and Mantle. No longer is liquidity concentrated in only one ecosystem.  

Drilled in view of Parsec's lending market functionality - diagram

Parsec has quickly become a favorite tool among market participants and has a track record of consistently being on the forefront of data, providing insights that no other platform has, including:

  • $ARB Airdrop: The pre-airdrop bids were visible only on Parsec. 

  • USDC & USDT Depegs: Traders saw these first on Parsec due to its pool-weights data. 

  • EigenLayer Dashboard: Shipped EigenLayer dashboard in <30mins after launch. 

  • Curve: Monitoring Curve founders leverage and CRV liquidation. 

  • Shapella: Offered the best dashboard to track the complex mix of dynamics at play. 

  • Parsec spun up an entire suite of custom elements to help users understand and discover activity on See image below.

Parsec's recently added functionality - diagram

Parsec is the Decision Layer 

In the process of trading on-chain, three essential steps are involved: gathering facts, conducting analysis, and executing trades. Parsec takes a dedicated, proprietary approach to ensuring accurate and reliable information, serving as the foundational source for on-chain decision making. This real-time capability empowers traders to take advantage of market fluctuations as prices, assets, and participants dynamically evolve.

At Galaxy, Parsec has become instrumental to our risk management decisions. Our trading team was the first user at Galaxy, and overtime, Parsec became instrumental to the entire firm’s daily decision making, especially during volatile market moments. 

By harnessing Parsec's exceptional data processing capabilities and comprehensive tooling, teams of all sizes across on-chain markets have gained a deeper comprehension of market structure. This has enabled them to closely monitor the market dynamics, react swiftly to market changes, and effectively develop and implement ideas based on real-time, up-to-date information.

We are excited to back Will Sheehan and the entire Parsec team as they work to pave the way towards a future where DeFi is not only accessible, but also transparent, practical, and verifiable across multiple chains and L2s as liquidity ebbs and flows. By harnessing the power of Parsec, individuals can embark on a transformative DeFi journey, tailored to their specific needs and preferences, with options ranging from the Free tier to the NFT, Pro, and Team tiers.

Additionally, Parsec's commitment to sharing their valuable DeFi insights through research and podcasting further solidifies their status as a data leader in the industry. Take the first step towards an enhanced DeFi experience by visiting their website at

 *Parsec is a portfolio company of Galaxy’s Venture arm.