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Cookies Policy

This Cookie Notice explains how we use “cookies” and similar technologies (such as “web beacons,” “pixels” or “tags”) on the Galaxy Digital website at and its subdomains (“Site”), or in our marketing emails (“Service”). It is designed to assist you in making informed decisions when using our Service.

Please take a moment to read and understand this Cookie Notice. This Cookie Notice should also be read in conjunction with our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. We may update our Cookie Notice from time to time. This might be for a number of reasons, such as to reflect a change in the law or to accommodate a change in our business practices and the way we use cookies.

If you have any questions or feedback on our Cookie Notice, please contact us at [email protected].


Cookies are very small text files or pieces of code, which often include a unique identifier, and may be used to remember information about you when you visit a site, such as your language preference or login information.

We use cookies on our Site to tell us, in general terms, how and when pages in our Site are visited, what our users’ technology preferences are – such as what type of video player they use – and whether our Site is functioning properly.

Emails you receive from us may also contain pixels to help us to see if recipients have opened an email and understand how recipients have interacted with it.

If an email we send you includes images, pixels may be deployed on your computer or mobile device automatically when you open that email. Cookies may also be set if you click on any link within the email.


Please note that our Site may link to third party websites which are not operated by us. Where you follow links from our Site to the website of a third party, that website may place different cookies on your device. You should check the relevant privacy notice and/or cookie notice for more information about how that third party uses cookies.

Certain applications you use to access our Site, such as your website browser, may also place cookies on your device when visiting our Site, or other websites. For example, when you access the Site via Google applications such as Google Chrome, Google may collect user information for the purpose of Google serving personalized advertising across your devices.

These cookies are dropped for Google’s own purposes and as such we do not have any control over how or when they are dropped. You will need to opt out of receiving these cookies via your Google settings.


Non-essential Cookies – We will only store and access non-essential cookies on your device with your permission. You are not obliged to give consent to our use of non-essential cookies. If you do give your consent and then change your mind, you can block or delete them using the ‘Change your consent preferences' link below.

Necessary Cookies – Please note that we do not need your consent to store and access cookies that are necessary essential to the operation of our Site, on your device. You can still block or delete necessary cookies using your browser settings. See All About Cookies for more information.