Principal Investments.

Galaxy Digital Principal Investments
(“GDPI”) manages a diverse portfolio of largely private investments across the digital assets industry. Our venture portfolio invests in traditionally structured companies as well as in those building digital asset networks powered and capitalized by tokens. Our investment objective is to identify, invest in, and support category-defining companies and networks that we anticipate will grow the cryptoeconomy and shape the adoption of the ecosystem. We believe that a core piece of Galaxy’s edge in the ecosystem is the information and connectivity generated by our Principal Investment activity. Our areas of investment focus routinely evolve alongside developments in the digital assets space. A key differentiator for GDPI is our ability to leverage Galaxy’s broader operating business to identify opportunities and current pain points in the digital assets space. We believe the most successful companies and networks of the future will be those that offer solutions to today’s challenges. We take a similar approach in our relationships with our portfolio companies by engaging with them on a regular basis to maintain an in-depth knowledge of the digital assets ecosystem, to continue to identify and target valuable solutions. Additionally, we make strategic investments into the equity of companies operating in similar or adjacent businesses to Galaxy with an eye towards future commercial relationships and/or strategic alignment of interests.