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Carocelle Industries, Inc. Portable Dishwasher

Carocelle Industries, Inc. is the proud manufacturer of the Carocelle Portable Countertop Dishwasher. For over 20 years, customers have been enjoying the convenience and cost savings of this lightweight, non-electric dishwasher. Today Carocelle Industries has taken this unique home appliance to a new level with improvements to both its operation and styling. ...


 Pat - 10/02/10 12:00:07 -
I would love to find another Carocelle Dishwasher anyone know where I can buy one.

 DeLoma Bard - 02/11/11 22:20:39 -
I recently purchased a carocelle non electric dishwasher from a lady that had a new one never used before. I love it and would like to keep a spare one on hand in case I need parts for the one I have as the company is not in business anymore. If anyone knows where I can purchase another one, please email me. You must have very good water pressure and very hot water, which I have both and this is why I love the one I have.
DeLoma Bard

 G Pestka - 09/09/11 15:42:00 -
I use to have one too and I loved it. I gave it away when I bought a standard model. Now that I am in a wheelchair I would be happy to find one.
It works well for me because I do the dishes after a meal, it's not for people that let them sit. Small loads, done freqently - perfect. I am not stuck in front of the sink getting the floor and myself wet.

 DEBORAH - 07/08/12 11:53:53 -
I used to have a carocelle countertop dishwasher & lent it to a friend who kept it & moved away! Is there somewhere I can buy another one?

 Jaroslaw - 05/08/14 11:42:45 -
I bought one of these new in the box when I had a large house without a dishwasher. I would say it washed about 80% of the dishes without need for any further hand washing. The water was steaming hot out of faucet so I know the dishes were pretty closed to sterilized too. I wish I hadn't given it away.

 T.A. - 08/03/14 22:14:31 -
I had one years ago and loved it, it was a life saver then and would be again. We have been looking for another as we are living in a motor home. Sure would be perfect for this type of living now.

 Donna Tylenda - 10/15/14 14:26:37 -
I have a Carocelle Countertop Dishwasher Model 5000 (White) if anyone is interested.

It has never been used and is in it original box from Popular Club Plan.

You can contact me by email at

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